Inexpensive Backyard Wedding Ideas for Your Special Day

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Backyard Wedding Tips

12Spending thousands of dollars for your wedding is not a requirement to have memorable wedding day. Having an inexpensive wedding does not mean that your venue will look cheap and ugly. There are few ideas that can be use in order to make an inexpensive wedding look luxurious.

Because of economic crisis nowadays many couples tend to save money, this is why a backyard wedding is a great idea to save the day. Having a backyard wedding will make the celebration more personalize and intimate. This type of wedding is perfect for intimate and informal ceremony. Having a backyard wedding will also help you to avoid the cost of expensive dresses and tuxedos.  Backyard wedding is ideal for those couples who don’t want to spend much for the outfit as well as for the guest. Wearing simple outfit is acceptable for such set up.

In terms of wedding photography, hiring professional photographer is optional. You can ask your family and friends to bring camera or smartphone to take photographs. To collect all the pictures you can set up a laptop at the back of the patio. Instruct them to send a copy in your email. You can also provide wifi were guest can connect so that they can send it direct from their smartphone to your email.  Let’s face it, such idea is inexpensive and guess what? There is a lot of photography approach from different guests, which means that you can have more than one style. You guest can also add filter or tweak the photos therefore you don’t need to edit them in your photoshop.

Since the ceremony is in your backyard you can also use the place for the reception which means that you don’t need to rent for a space to have the party. All you need is to put decorations and lightings. You can use simple decorations such as fairy lights or Christmas light. For a romantic approach you can use storm lantern or paper ball lanterns. You don’t need to buy new lights, if you own Christmas lights from last year you can check them if it is still working and use them. It may require few cleaning so have them prepare before the date.

When it comes to food you can prepare homemade recipes with the help of your family and friends. Make sure that you have all the hands that you need because preparing food can be an exhausting task. You don’t need to have expensive food. In fact such wedding style is perfect for traditional food.

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