Cutting the Price of Item Purchase in Houston, TX Jewelry Stores

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Save from the Deals of Jewelry Stores

jewelry stores2If there is a month wherein it is popular to engage, it is during December. Proposing during Christmas and New Year season is very common as most groom-to-bes can get the ring in a super low price. If you are planning to propose during this season then it is good to hit the jewelry stores in Houston, TX ahead of time.

Here are some of the ways on how to save when dealing with your jewelry stores:

(1) Skip the 3-month salary engagement ring rule. As observed my experts, most of the rings are acquired by grooms are equivalent to their salary for three months. If you are having issues financially, you don’t need to follow this rule of thumb. The best advice is to spend based on your capability.

After all, relationships are not measured by how expensive the engagement ring is. There are cases wherein the couple has more than $100,000 engagement ring but ended up getting divorced.  

(2) Count the ring flaws. If you are to ask the jewelry experts, there is no single ring that is perfect. Every ring has its own flaw starting from the center stone down to the metal band of the ring. If the flaws are observable by your naked eyes, the value of the ring is low so it means that you can get it cheap. If the flaws are less visible, its value is high. Rings with fewer flaws belong to the higher echelon of ring catalogues. If you know how to look at some irregularities, you can always save a lot from the ring cost itself.

(3) Understand weight and caratage. If there are two things that can give huge impact to the ring, they are the weight and caratage. If you have observed, rings with higher carats are super expensive. It is because the higher carat it has the heavier it becomes. However, you don’t need to get rings with high carat weight. There are other affordable options like half size carats and etc.

Holiday proposals are really popular. However, if you are not careful when dealing with jewelry stores in Houston, TX, you are going to break the bank. Please remember that the engagement ring cost should not exceed 10% of your total wedding budget. Following a 2 to 3-month salary engagement ring cost is not a standard to follow. After choosing bridal jewelry you may now attend to other things like wedding DJ, photographers, caterers, etc.

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