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Professional Amsterdam DJs for Bridal Events


Wedding DJWhen it comes to party and nightlife, there are multitudes of venues that can host your needs. But you no longer need to go to Amsterdam in order to avail the services provided by famous Amsterdam DJs for wedding. These DJs are really famous in so many ways, not only to their music but also how they keep the crowd going.

In order to hire these deejays, one should determine first the club or party house they are playing music with. Here is the top 5 list which you can check:

(1) DJs of ClubNL: If you want to feature house music on your wedding, then going or hiring the services of DJs from this club is imperative. This club is frequented by celebrities like Mick Jagger, Naomi Campbell, P. Diddy and many others. Make your guests dance in your reception through the professional moderation of the DJs coming from this music house. They can spin until late night to make the dance floor livelier.

(2) DJs of Club 8: DJs of this music house is considered as one of the edgiest clubs in Amsterdam and bringing them into your own reception is a good idea. The club is featuring techno, electro and indie music. You can also set your reception party near the pool, like the original location of this place. It’s fun to have your guests swimming while gulping some shots of vodka.

(3) DJs of Bitterzoet: The location is near the Central Station so it is frequented by young people. If you want to have a live music party in your wedding, importing the crossover acts from this club will surely be a good move. They play different types of genre which will give variation during your event like reggae, underground indie, electro, pop and many more.

(4) DJs of Panama: If you want an upscale type of DJs who are playing not only for teenagers but to more affluent audience, then Panama DJs is what you are looking for. The only caveat for this service is that you will also spend more. These DJs are highly exclusive so you need to provide a good agreement in order to get them.

(5) Absinthe Bar: If you want to have a more exotic feel, DJs from this bar could provide a one of a kind show. You can also integrate the exotic ambience of this bar to your reception party in order to match the type of music being played. To do that, you will need to decorate the place with North African aesthetics.

Your wedding is only happening once in a lifetime—if ever you won’t get a divorce and remarry—so make sure that you celebrate it with the best DJs all over the world. Hiring famous Amsterdam DJs for wedding in the US is one way in order to treat your guest to one of a kind party. The above mentioned DJs are highly recommended and are listed among the top 10 best Amsterdam DJs. Here are top American wedding DJs: http://top10weddingvendors.com/wedding-djs